Min dagbok genom året i Australien!


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It started Tuesday, when we all got dressed up and went out for dinner at Thai Lemongrass. Ashame that I forgot to take pictures. Anyways, it was lovely. Me and my hostfamily and alot of good thaifood and afterwards we came home and played cardgames.
Wednesday was a regular day at school, nothing special and on the Thursday it was my actual birthday. It started with a skypesession with my mum and opening the package from Sweden. I got breakfast served in bed by Kym and Naomi and then I went to school. I only have two hours of history on Thursdays, in which we spent watching documentaries about the Rwanda-genocide (Happy Birthday Alva). Well, after those depressing hours I went to San Churro in Woden and met up with Silvia and Otti. I'd never been to San Churro, but my high expectations were definately met. After that I went home and ate cake that Naomi had made. And just as I thought that this would probably be the only birthday that I wouldn't get roses from my mum, the flowerdelivery came knocking on the door. The fun thing was that my mum had not written the card, but an Australian had, in Swedish. So you Swedish peeps can laugh a bit about the picture of it below. The other fun thing was that if you're born in Sweden and live in Australia you get 10 extra hours of birthday. So I almost had two birthdays this year. 
Yesterday, Saturday I celebrated my 17th again with my friends in Nara park. We managed to time it before in started to rain. Today it has been storming, and me, Silvia, Serena and Lizzie went to an Italian restaurant for lunch. I am still full. This has been an amazing week. I honestly thought that turning 17 would suck. The last year before freedom. But I feel the same as a week ago, when I was still 16, shocker. 


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Publicerad 2014-11-16 13:50:01

Det värmer mitt mammahjärta att din födelsedag på andra sidan jordklotet blev lyckad. Vilka jättefina bilder! Puss

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