Min dagbok genom året i Australien!

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So, I haven't written a blogpost for 2 months, although I've thought about it probably a hundred times. I just haven't had the inspiration I need, which I still don't have by the way, so bear with me for this one. I started school again which has been easier than I thought it would be. Time flies when you're having fun, right? School, so much fun. I changed some of my classes, I'm now doing Girls Bodyfit, Psychology, Maths, Photography(like before) and Women in Literature(my English class, that I love and don't want to leave behind). I have realised that I only have 2 months left, and that life's too short to study, so, I won't.
Two days ago my amazing hostbrother and his wife got married, so congratulations Pete and Tanya, it was a beautiful wedding. This week consists of two days of school, two test days(we only go to school when we have a test) and good Friday. We're going to Victoria on the Easter weekend. Next week I only have Thursday and Friday in school, and then holidays. 
Like I said I've realised that I only have two months left of my adventure. No matter how many people told me to "enjoy every day, because it will be over before you know it", I will feel like I need more time in this beautiful country. I wouldn't mind just being an exchange student for the rest of my life, just going around to different countries every year. Seriously, if that was possibly, I would be a happy girl.

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