Min dagbok genom året i Australien!

Inspiration on top

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So, I haven't written a blogpost for 2 months, although I've thought about it probably a hundred times. I just haven't had the inspiration I need, which I still don't have by the way, so bear with me for this one. I started school again which has been easier than I thought it would be. Time flies when you're having fun, right? School, so much fun. I changed some of my classes, I'm now doing Girls Bodyfit, Psychology, Maths, Photography(like before) and Women in Literature(my English class, that I love and don't want to leave behind). I have realised that I only have 2 months left, and that life's too short to study, so, I won't.
Two days ago my amazing hostbrother and his wife got married, so congratulations Pete and Tanya, it was a beautiful wedding. This week consists of two days of school, two test days(we only go to school when we have a test) and good Friday. We're going to Victoria on the Easter weekend. Next week I only have Thursday and Friday in school, and then holidays. 
Like I said I've realised that I only have two months left of my adventure. No matter how many people told me to "enjoy every day, because it will be over before you know it", I will feel like I need more time in this beautiful country. I wouldn't mind just being an exchange student for the rest of my life, just going around to different countries every year. Seriously, if that was possibly, I would be a happy girl.

Summer holidays

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Since my last post I've celebrated a summer-Christmas, been to Presbyterian Youth summercamp, gone to Sydney to see the NYE fireworks, been camping at Burrill Pines, celebrated my hostsisters birthday, been to Melbourne during Aus Open and I've come home to Canberra again. My summer holidays have simply been to awesome to stop, sit down, and blog about it. School starts again on Tuesday and right now I feel like typing "I'm ready" although I don't really feel ready.. It feels like my holidays have been too long to go back again, and when I go back I know that there's not much left of my experience here in Australia. Even though it's 4 months today, and everyone keeps on telling me that I still have heaps of time, it doesn't quite feel that way. I guess it's because these past (almost) 7 months have felt alot quicker than 7 months. I'm starting to freak out. My feelings for going home are so mixed, it's not the best feeling. Anyways, here are some pictures from the last month!

Brisbane 24/11-2/12

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I've been so busy doing nothing in the holidays that I haven't had time blogging about the stuff that I've done. I went to Queensland with the hostfamily and stayed with my hostaunts. We relaxed, went into the city, saw koalas, snakes, lizards and went for a walk in the rainforest to see a waterfall. 

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