Min dagbok genom året i Australien!

Summer holidays

Publicerad 2015-01-31 06:45:18 i Allmänt,

Since my last post I've celebrated a summer-Christmas, been to Presbyterian Youth summercamp, gone to Sydney to see the NYE fireworks, been camping at Burrill Pines, celebrated my hostsisters birthday, been to Melbourne during Aus Open and I've come home to Canberra again. My summer holidays have simply been to awesome to stop, sit down, and blog about it. School starts again on Tuesday and right now I feel like typing "I'm ready" although I don't really feel ready.. It feels like my holidays have been too long to go back again, and when I go back I know that there's not much left of my experience here in Australia. Even though it's 4 months today, and everyone keeps on telling me that I still have heaps of time, it doesn't quite feel that way. I guess it's because these past (almost) 7 months have felt alot quicker than 7 months. I'm starting to freak out. My feelings for going home are so mixed, it's not the best feeling. Anyways, here are some pictures from the last month!

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