Min dagbok genom året i Australien!


Publicerad 2014-11-23 12:46:19 i Allmänt,

Finally! We have holidays for 2 months if not more than that. I got sick last week so I only went to school on the Friday to do my tests. It was the worst timing to get sick because I went camping yesterday(Saturday). But luckily I am better now and I got to go to beautiful Jervis Bay with beautiful Adele and her hostdad. We just laid on the beach all weekend. I got sunburnt on my back because I'm stupid. We went for a swim last night and looked at the stars. It was a beautiful and quiet place. However, when I came home today I had to pack up and pack again for Brisbane! The plane leaves at 9 tomorrow, and I'm so excited for being completely free from homework and pressure. It will be so nice. Here are some pictures from Jervis Bay.


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